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Smartwatch Showdown: Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Vs Google Pixel Watch

Smartwatch Showdown: Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Vs Google Pixel Watch

In August, Samsung announced the new Galaxy Watch 5 range, which features a standard model and a more professional version called the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

We shared our initial thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 back in August, basically saying it was a nice little update to the best Android smartwatch on the market. That was, of course, before the Google Pixel Watch (finally) took off. It's been a few months and we wanted to know: is the Samsung Galaxy Watch still on top?

Here's how the two compare (for the purposes of this exercise, we won't include the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro).

Which is better, Google Pixel Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch 5?

Google Pixel Watch vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: Specifications

Google Pixel Watch

  • Diameter: 41 mm
  • Weight: 36 grams (without strap)
  • Battery: up to 24 hours
  • Compatibility: Android 8.0 or later
  • Display: 3D Corning Gorilla Glass, 320 ppi AMOLED, always on
  • Colors: Matte Black, Shiny Silver, Champagne Gold.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

  • Diameter: 40mm and 44mm
  • Weight: 33.5 grams (without strap)
  • Battery: up to 40 hours
  • Compatibility: Android 8.0 or later
  • Display: 450×450 resolution, Super AMOLED, always on

Pixel Watch vs Watch 5 – The bigger watch is enough for Samsung to win here, the Galaxy Watch 5 also wins because of its amazing battery life.

Google Pixel Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: Compatibility

Neither watch is compatible with operating systems other than Android. However, Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and older versions can connect to iOS.

Pixel Watch vs Watch 5 – Each has a disadvantage in that it doesn't work with iOS.

Google Pixel Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: The Look

The Google Pixel Watch appears to have carefully poured a thick liquid onto a table, and the surface tension results in a well-risen mass of liquid. However, the Galaxy Watch 5 is sharper around the edges. On the Samsung watch, you can also see most of the body of the device. The band color options are great for both watches and there's nothing wrong with using an alternative option for it.

Google's Pixel UI is much better than Samsung's, but I've personally never been a fan of Samsung's take on Android.

Pixel Watch vs Watch 5: Google wins with watch face and UI.

Google Pixel Watch vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: price

The Google Pixel Watch will set you back $549, while the graffiti/pink Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 (40mm) with Bluetooth will set you back $440.

pixel clock vs. Hour 5: With its amazing features, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 wins on price.

Google Pixel Watch VS Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: fit and healthy

The Google Pixel Watch provides a daily summary of your sleep, but Samsung also monitors sleep with the Galaxy Watch 5. The Samsung Watch has a dashboard that provides all the sleep statistics, such as calories burned in bed. It also has what you'd expect, like snoring detection, but added Sleep Coaching to help you sleep better. If you enable Sleep Coaching and wear the Watch 5 while you sleep for seven days (and complete two sleep surveys), you'll be assigned a "sleep pet." You will then receive a monthly sleep training course tailored to your pet's unique sleep pattern. It's very cute. It also integrates with smart home kit, such as lighting to aid sleep. That's not the case with the Google Pixel Watch.

Both are uncomfortable to wear before bed, but the 5 o'clock really hurt my hand.

When it comes to fitness, things are only getting better for Samsung.

Of course, thanks to a combination of Fitbit's wearable expertise and Google's intelligence, the Pixel Watch boasts some pretty impressive fitness capabilities. When you subscribe to Fitbit Premium (I don't like that you have to subscribe to get the most out of it, but I like that you get 12 months free), you get features like a daily fitness score, advanced sleep tracking, and access to exercise programs unnecessary and meditation. Interestingly, there's no built-in ability to stream Fitbit video content to the big screen.

But you get reliable tracking of your overall health, including steps, calories, set alarms, all-day heart rate and EKG. Analyzing all the raw health data over a 90 day period is amazing.

Meanwhile, Samsung Health's new GPX input feature works better with the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, as it can provide turn-by-turn directions depending on the walking or cycling route you want to take. But everything else about Samsung Health is still as useful as it was on the Galaxy Watch 4. There are random reminders to get moving, as well as instant confetti when you get up from your chair and pour yourself a glass of water. Exercise is still tracked automatically, and if you've ever used the Galaxy Watch, you know how great it is to track fitness activity.

pixel clock vs. Watch 5 – The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 boasts fitness tracking and smart sleep features, meaning it should win again.

Pronounce it

The Google Pixel Watch is the prettier of the two, but it's probably the best. Galaxy Watch 5's fitness and sleep capabilities make it the best Android smartwatch.

There's also the lower price and the fact that the battery life is almost twice that of the Google Watch. The Google Pixel Watch was the company's first foray. Maybe one day Google will overtake Samsung as the best Android smartwatch, but today is not the day.

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