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Xiaomi 13 Series Launch Event Back On Track And Set For This Sunday

Xiaomi 13 Series Launch Event Back On Track And Set For This Sunday
last week Xiaomi announced on Weibo that the Xiaomi 13 launch event will be postponed, possibly due to the death of former Chinese president Jiang Zemin, as is customary in Chinese culture.

As of now, this has not been announced in a post on the company's website or posted on their Weibo account. However, it seems that the event is scheduled for December 11, 2022 at 19.00 local time.

But where does that information come from? Well, Weibo users have started sharing screenshots from the Mi Store app, Xiaomi's online technology store. Along with the new date and time, the familiar teaser banner for the launch of the Series 13 appears on the screen.

Expect more announcements and announcements later in the week! Among them, we expect the latest version of Xiaomi's user interface - MiUI 14, the latest premium smartwatch, budget pair and a new product: the mini desktop.

Of course, the flagship of the event remains the Xiaomi 13 series. We have lots of rumors, but we hope to see it in vanilla and Pro.

  • Lion's Jaw 8 Generation 2
  • Support for wired charging up to 100W and fast wireless charging up to 50W.
  • LTPO AMOLED flat screen, up to 120 Hz refresh rate
  • The 1-inch Sony IMX989 made its debut on the Xiaomi 12S Ultra and brings much better contrast and brightness
  • For 8GB and 12GB RAM variants
  • Storage options range from 128 to 256 for Vanilla and up to 512 for Pro.

The Xiaomi Watch S2 is the successor to the premium S series smartwatches, offering multiple practice modes and long battery life, but in a premium stainless steel case protected by a sapphire crystal.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun personally took the time to introduce 42mm and 46mm - 42mm and 46mm. Both will be dressed in black, but the younger will be gold, while the older will have a silver display on it. He also tore off a blue or brown leather belt.

The Buds 4 look set to be a budget addition to the Buds 4 Pro released this summer. While they don't offer standout features, they do have the expected features like active noise cancellation and fast wireless charging.

And the surprise of the event was the first desktop computer from Xiaomi known as the Mini Host. It is said to be a powerful productivity device with a sleek and compact design. Given Xiaomi's long history as a laptop maker, it will be interesting to see how that experience translates to mini PCs.

With the event closer than expected, we won't have to wait long to see how many accurate guesses there are. In a few days we will have all the interesting details about Xiaomi's latest technical developments.

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